Ministries Supported by ECF

Here are just some of the ministries actively supported by Emmaus Christian Fellowship

Biblical Foundations                                 
Christian Friends of Israel                          
Creation Ministries Internationl                
David Price Ministry to Hispannic People
Eurovision Mission to Europe                     
Ebenezer Aid Fund                                  
Evangelical Alliance                                 
FEBA Radio                                             
Gideons International                              
Global Care                                             
Harvest Ministries Sri Lanka (Rodney  Pereira)   
International Aid Trust                             
Love Russia                                             
Light of the Gospel Ministries (Serbia)
Missionary Ventures (Cathy Potter South Africa)
Mission Aviation Fellowship                      
Mid Africa MInistry (CMS)                         
Operation Mobilisation                             
Open Doors                                             
Out of Zion Ministries (David Silver)          
Radio Bible Class   (Our Daily Bread)              
Reach Initiative International                     
The Barnabas Fund                                  
Spurgeons Child Care                                                          
Tear Fund                                                 
United Christian Broadcasters (UCB)              
Christian Concern                                       
Youth With A Mission   (YWAM)                              
Christian Concern                                      
Creation Research                                     
The Bethany Family (Tanzanier)